Digital Eye Site strongly desires to provide you (our client) with the best digital conversion service possible. You may ask yourself why do I need to convert my VHS tapes to a digital format? In an attempt to answer this question Digital Eye Site is glad to provide you with the following information about VHS media.

The information stored on a VHS tape can easily be changed of course I'm sure you are aware of this fact especially if you have ever accidentally recorded over one of your tapes. And of course who hasn't had to wrestle with their VCR when it twists, or crinkles a tape, and then there are those times when the tape breaks. Then there is the voracious appetite that VCR's seem to have at the most inconvenient moment. Now I know that you are as careful as you can be with your VHS tapes you rewind them you place them back into their protective sleeve so that you memories are as safe as they can be even so there is nothing you can do to stop the ravages of time on VHS tapes.

VHS tapes work because audio and video information are recorded onto the tape using the principles of magnetic technology. The magnetic tape inside a VHS cassette is a long ribbon of Mylar. On one side, of the Mylar ribbon is a magnetically impregnable iron coating. This coating stays magnetized as long as the tape is not influenced by strong nearby magnetic fields (which are common in our electronic world) and the iron material stays intact on its Mylar tape. Every time a tape is played, a small fraction of the iron is lost, simply due to direct contact with the moving video head and the guides within the VCR unit. Even if you have chosen to not play your tape since you recorded it, the iron material will still fragment due to loss of "adherent properties" in the adhesive that was used to join the iron coating to the Mylar tape. And as time marches on enough of the iron will fall off to produce a noisy, grainy, degraded color, dim video tape that the "tracking" function on your VCR will not be able to resolve, in essence the tape that holds those precious memories is simply losing its ability to hold information.

Digital conversion to DVD certainly does not face these issues. This is why we at Digital Eye Site encourage you to consider converting your precious memories to a media that will endure the ravages of time.