Video Conversion

Let Digital Eye Site help you with your video conversions needs. Let us preserve your precious memories to DVD. Just look around and I am sure you will find a box full of old camcorder tapes just sitting there. Might have your wedding, honeymoon, children being born, or maybe even their first steps. What would you do if you lost those memories? Memories you can never get back. Let us turn those old, degrading tapes into digital media that will never degrade in quality from the first time you watch them to the hundredth time you watch them.

At Digital Eye Site we will transfer those old videos to DVD. We can provide you with several options on your end product. You can choose to have just a straight copy from tape to DVD nothing fancy or you can chose to have a custom DVD built to suit your needs. For that special DVD you can choose to have custom background screens, buttons, and titles for your menus. Digital Eye Site can also offer you slide shows as an added feature to your newly created DVD.

Let Digital Eye Site show you how to preserve your memories for years to come. Please contact us with any questions or for pricing.